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(Jim Moriarty rp blog.)


It’s 8:53 am.

I slept for five hours and have a fever. So much fun.

Oh, go take a nap, silly. You could use it.


Those people are rare. Everyone is so good and they’re afraid of standing up to the goverment. I hate people in politics. Ugh. People should be the ones deciding on their fate, not some snotty rich blokes in expensive suits who don’t do anything all day, just sit on their asses and buy more property. 

You can see I’m a bit angry with the world.

Aren’t we all dear, aren’t we all.

What time izzit there? Got to be either early or late. I’m not sure.


I want that lynx, Radiance, omg.

I don’t think so. We could brake into one, but I must warn you, I’m not very good at lock picking. I did it right once. It was to impress a girl and she dumped me for it cause she didn’t want to get involved with a perdon who does ilegal stuff. Holly was a bitch.

You see? That’s why you only court those who you know won’t get frightened by a little petty crime. Or a lot of major crime. Both is good.


Well, I am in search of the funniest cat video on youtube. 

Unless you can sugest something better.

Try this one

And nope. Can’t do better than cats, I’m afraid, unless you want to come out with me and see if there’s any pet stores still open.


Humans aren’t terrible. Humanity is.

And babies are evil.



Doing anything fun tonight?

//You look bloddy gorgeous. I wish my Sebastian cosplay was that good :/

//*blushes loudly* eek thanks love!


How lazy can you be to not even take off the bloddy tie. 

You’re talking like humans aren’t cute little self centred bastards and that they aren’t adorable. 

They’re not.

They’re terrible and I hate them.

I want my pyjamas, fuck, I’ll be right back.

//I might make a Phillips rp blog

//Hold up


What do you even change in to? I never saw you outside of a suit. 

You should get a cat (but just don’t kill it or whatnot)

I’d like one too, but mine would starve to death…

Pyjamas, idiot. Nice, comfortable pyjamas that I can actually relax in, usually. At this point I just can’t be bothered to get this tie off.

Why in the world would I kill it? I can hardly imagine a sweet little cat would give me any reason to. And if I do, you can come around to pet it, but don’t think I’m ever letting you pet-sit.